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99. I Also have multiple makers so if you have a preference let me know and I can select what your looking for. With suitable mags they will work just fine. 62x39 Mag Package - 4 Steel Mags and Pouch We specialize in the sale of firearms, ammunition, magazines, military surplus, tactical gear and Jun 03, 2013 · I. Used. Italian Military Surplus Canvas Mag Pouch, 3 Pack, Used. They're decent mags, but when you can find traditional com bloc surplus mags at close to the price, go surplus. AK-47 75 round rear winding drums are available in steel. Circle 10 Waffle mags are the gold standard, I wouldn’t use any other AK mags. 95 each if ordering 75 or more Quote:These are 'Used' military mags from a variety of Eastern European com-bloc nations built to Soviet spec with ridge-back design. The South Korean grey commercial mags are crap compared to any steel military surplus magazine. . This is a great shipment of rare Original Russian Bakelite mags  10 Jun 2009 Romanian 30rd 7. I suspect peoples problems while using the mags are not a result of the mags themselves, but the fact that all of the AKs that make their way into the US have slightly different tolerances when it comes to the mag wells. One USGI Surplus 10rd M1 Carbine stripper clip with guide. These are true Hungarian Mags. The new production Bulgarian Steel mags are good range mags. 5rd Magazines,10rd Magazines,15rd Magazines,20rd Magazines,25rd Magazines,30rd Magazines,35rd Magazines,45rd Magazines,40rd Magazines,48rd Magazines,round Magazines,5rd Magazines,AR-15/M16 Magazine, RUGER 10/22 SR/22 Magazine Good-to-Very Good: Lightly used magazine, surplus and nice, some may have minor shipping rub, etc. We specialize in all military surplus weapons from AK-47s, AR-15s, Mausers, CETME, Enfields, UZIs, and much more! 1 - AK-47 Eastern Bloc Surplus 30rd. We've put a few AK's together. 56x45mm – Black $ 49. Surplus steel ribbed style back AK-47 30-Round Magazine 7. 45 mags the E. AK74/AIMS-74 30rd Steel Magazine, 5. I have dropped them and ran knock out reloads using them and have even thrown them in a hissy fit and they still work fine. If you’re involved in the industry, you know what it means to own an AK-47. I'm not an ak expert, but it looks like the follower is being pushed up in a weird way by the spring. Jul 24, 2016 · I have several AKs, ARs and AR-10s. 37") wide. We carry a large line of DPMS, Magpul, Yankee Hill, Command Arms CAA, Leapers, UTG, AccuShot, NC Star, Rock River Arms, SunDevil, Tactical Solutions, Grizzly, Stag Arms, DTI Del-Ton Inc and many others. LEO Trade-ins. 62x39 30rd Magazine *Used* Good  10 Pack - 30 Round AK-47 Mag - Used Condition Varies Good to Very Good - Eastern European Military Surplus Steel Magazines - Read  Items 1 - 20 of 76 Bulgarian AK-47 7. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Surplus Vietnam War Chinese Type 63 Auto Chest-rig Chest Rig Ammo Military Pouch at the best online prices at eBay! Military Style Ak-47 Steel magazine. With the AK-47 being produced domestically in semi-automatic only form the demand for this military surplus magazine continues to climb. <br>These are the best basic AK "range" mags in my opinion. FAQ: I read last night there were places in the UK that de-mill the mags I guess so they are used for display purposes or something and I just wanted to make sure these are fully working mags. Jun 11, 2013 · I have used Tapco AK mags on the range and in 3 gun for many years and I have never had an issue with them. 45x39mm, Romanian. Edit; There has been many stories about Saiga proprietary mags by Tapco and ProMag, of the Saiga specific built in feed ramp breaking off. World Military Surplus FNFAL Mag: Military Surplus Metric FNFAL Mags. The one on the left is a glossy black, the next one is more of a matt textured The mags caused a lot of reliability problems. com : HI CAP MAGAZINES - IN STOCK!! - Mosin Nagant Parts & Accessories SKS Rifle Parts & Accessories Ammunition Stripper and Loading Clips Booklets and Manuals TAPCO Parts & Accessories Surplus Firearms Virtual Museum Shooting Supplies & Safety Scopes Mounts & Optics DOLLAR BIN Ordnance, Grenades & Rockets Pistol Parts & Accessories Rifle Parts & Accessories Misc. These are some of the original AK-47 magazines made in Russia in the 1950s and 1960s. 56 mags. Good-to-Very-Good: Nice mag, some display minor wear/use, overall in very good condition. These AK-47 mags feature heavy duty welded stamped steel construction and a nice black finish. 56/. 62 Stee $19. Current surplus   The Wassenaar Arrangement Semi-automatic Rifles are a line of rifles manufactured in (used to center the magazine) above the magazine well seen in the other AK series of rifles. USGI Surplus 10rd M1 Carbine Stripper Clip with Guide. Countries Bulgarian AK47 Magazine - 7. Some of the mags have serial numbers and other interesting stamps on both floor plates and mag bodies. One mag is a used 30 round, black finish. 95 Yugo AK47 7. Special Price $14. Magazine - Used Details This surplus magazine for AK-47 pattern rifles are a great deal for the range. Great quality, 100% reliable, military quality. One mag is a new Korean 20 round magazine. Jan 21, 2012 · Product review of these great surplus European/ChiCom AK-47 magazines from Aim Surplus. German Bakelite AK-74 Mags from the tables of AK47World. Much lighter (and quieter) than steel surplus mags, metal locking lugs, relatively affordable. , military leather swede 96 mauser target sling, 2 The AK-47 30-round Magazine is the standard military magazine for the AK-47 rifle. Hungarian Used: magazine in good overall condition. com Military Surplus Guns For Sale. 62×39 30 round Magazine. Mag Pouches . East German (NVA) military issue "Rain Pattern" camo magazine pouch for the AK47 or 74. Find ak 47 magazines and SAR 3 magazines. Surplus AK-47 Magazine Mags 7. Has four internal cells for AK magazines and stripper clips. AK Military Surplus Web Sling SLI-SUR01. The AK magazines hold more rounds than the traditional 10-round stripper clip used with the SKS. any of It doesn't work in my Thermold mags because that spring is too fat to fit in the follower. 99 Out of Stock; Bulgarian Circle 10 AK-74 30 Round Magazine – 5. Soviet Surplus Used Russian AK Gas Tube Vepr/Saiga Take $ 19. 223, *Used*. Surplus AK47, AKM, And various other AK style firearm parts. These mags are in Unissued Within AK & RPK Magazines you can currently find some of the following products: east european ak-47 7. Rifle is located in brownstown, near flat rock, exit 32 off I75 fifteen min 275/94 interchange. 62x39 magazines. They’re a bit heavier, but the extra durability makes them well worth it. We carry the leading brands at low prices, in stock and ready to ship! For the 5. 62x39mm 40 rd Magazine 2 PACK. 19 Aug 2011 At some point the dies used by Izhmash to stamp mag bodies were the AK-74 mag, steel lugs were molded into the body and it used a steel . Surplus Russian Bakelite AK-47 7. Buy Now Used Russian AK Gas Tube Vepr/Saiga Take offs. These are original Russian AK 47 slings from the early fifties. $1. I wish they had those mags for sale by themselves; would have gotten more at sub $20. 62x39 $43. 95. Shop a large selection of AK-47 magazines and drums in both high capacity and low capacity. Designed to quickly fill M1 Carbine mags q. Check out or selection or email us if you have any questions about what mags will work These Yugoslavian Military Surplus Magazines have a 30-round capacity, holding 7. 56 NATO mags for your AK. $11. and yeah yeah other shooters and collectors go after steel surplus mags from various countries (like myself) and yes some makes/models AK-74 AK-47 SVD bakelite plum magazines. Circle 10 AK ® Military-Style Firearms & Accessories Specializing In The Avtomat Kalashnikova identifying & collecting the 7. 100% secure shopping. Based on over a half-century of experience with military surplus AK magazines these New production AK magazines are some of the finest you can buy. 95 each @ SGAmmo -condition-varies-good-new-eastern-european-military-surplus-Sam said on the AKfiles that these are some of BTW, in the post you replied to, I was talking about strictly the ribbed pattern steel, military surplus AK mags, not including all of the synthetic material mags or “exotics” like aluminum waffles and steel slab-sides. Double check price/quantity/caliber at the vendor's site before ordering. $9. You ca for sale by 9Ken45 on GunsAmerica - 938293114 AK 100-series 500 meter rear sight leaf Our Price: $140. $8. These used military surplus magazines are in sound operating condition and priced economically, making them perfect for hard use in competition, at the range, or in the field. 62x39. Like the AK itself, this pouch is rugged, simple and bullshit-free. These are 7. These have random letters stamped on the ribs common with east german steel magazines. ADD TO CART  Description. 62×39 30 round Magazines are back and they look awesome. com, the world's largest gun auction site. 56 Magazines. Aug 11, 2011 · AK commercial and Saiga US made polymer mags (Tapco for ex. Build a fully custom AK-47 with stocks and parts from The Country Shed. Currently we have mags for Cetme, CZ52, CZ82/83, Yugo M57, Makarov’s, and VZ58 / VZ2008 and we will be adding more mags as they become available. It's an ak, not supposed to be pretty. but overall in very good condition. Sling is from the Romanian military and was used on AK's as well as PSL Dragunov rifles. Black color, mostly factory 21 maybe some factory 10, sorry no special selection available on factory number. 62×39 ak-47/akm magazine Russian magazines (from left): Russian Slab-Side, Early Izhmash Spine Stamped, Ishmash Side-Stamped, Aluminum Waffle, Izhmash AG4. bought wrong mags for my gun, gunnies would not exchange without receipt. com. With Wire Cutter and Scabbard. 62x39mm, we knew our customer would be excited. 1-48 of 784 results for "ak mags" Skip to main search results Loklode Surplus Chinese Chi-Com Military Type 56 AK Magazine Bag Shoulder Pouch. So, when we came across this batch of Military Surplus 30-round Steel AK-47 Magazines in 7. 62×39 Steel Magazine for AK Rifles These mags have been very lightly used and are in Excellent or better condition as  Russian AK47 BAKELITE 762x39 30 RD SURPLUS. AK Rifle Parts. Firing a tactical AK-47 or an AK-74 compatible rifle is truly something else. We do offer discounts on quantities. Why don't ya see if it works first. 59 $18. ZASTAVA ARMS AK 47 ZPAP M70 WOOD FURNITURE AUGUST SPECIAL! Receive four FREE MAGPUL AK-47 30rd PMAGS (MAG572-BLK) with your Zastava Arms USA ZPAP Pistol or Rifle purchase! The New Zastava Arms AK 47 ZPAP Wood Furniture 7. You have come to the right place if you are looking for low priced Surplus Magazines. The best online gun store to buy guns online for prepping. They have been cleaned, disassembled, re-assembled and function tested and should all be in perfect working order. Description Price; S&W M&P 9mm FULL SIZE W/ NIGHT SIGHTS *USED - POLICE TRADE-IN* Heckler and Koch M-16/AR-15 223 mag. Original Military Steel AK47 7. The Surplus Ammo tactical gear store has world-class magazines for sale. Although in used condition, they have been oiled and deliver the same reliability that the AK is famous for. 303 and CETME C308, GunMagWarehouse, stocks a wide variety of military surplus magazines at rock-bottom prices. Our best sales and surplus - direct to your inbox! Be the first to know about sales, surplus items, and new products. 102 Fieldview Dr. 62x39 AK-47 30rd Eastern European Rusty Mags - 24 PACK. $17. Near realtime tracking of who has ammo, mags and reloading supplies in stock. May 01, 2017 · He doesn’t want steel mags though. Splinter camo pattern holds 4 - 30 round AK mags. AK 40 Rd Mags AK47 40 Round Steel Mag MAG-AK47S40K. They all work fine, don't wobble too much. The Tapcos are tough as anything else out there. We are hand selecting the best, never used, bayonets for you. Products (Total Items: 107) New & Used AK parts in stock and ready to ship inside the lower 48 states in the USA! Only where its legal! Large Inventory of New & used Imported Military Surplus AKM parts. Don't let your firearm collection sit incomplete. Loaded 35 rounds with no problem and all fired perfectly. 62x39mm AK-47 ammo. 95 $ 49. These mags have been very lightly used and are in Excellent or better condition as pictured Surplus steel ribbed style back AK-47 30-Round Magazines 7. AUTHENTIC RUSSIAN AK47 7. Browse our range of AK 47 magazine capacities, including AK 47 drum magazines, and cartridges. The legendary AK-47 needs magazines to function reliably: these are those legendarily reliable magazines. These 30-round Romanian military surplus magazines are a dependable complement to your AK-47 pattern rifle. in Kenner, LA has used Military Surplus AR-15 Mags. The Norinco SKS is a Chinese variant, some of which accept AK magazines while others do not. 56 / . The Yugoslavian M70 AK solved these issues in a simple way by making the mag the BHO mechanism by itself. $159. Also has external side "tool" pouch. Browse Categories; Used Guns For Sale 3 PAP 10rd Lo-Cap Magazines AK-47 Mags Mag - 7. I regret selling mine to fund my XCR addiction. Mags for sale at LAK Supply! We have TONS of MAGS! Glock, SIG, HK, Springfield, Taurus, Kel-tec, Mecgar, Magpul Pmags, AK-47 mags- we have them all! Used Surplus Eastern Bloc AK-47 30 Round Mags. Results 1 - 12 of 25 At Arms of America we carry the best in AK-47 7. Inner diameter of the pad is 120 mm (4. This exact pad is commonly used by the Russian military and police forces on their firearms. Used Factory Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm 17rd Magazines. Original Original Russian military surplus part in original, uniss. S. These AK 47 magazines are brand new, quality constructed products that you can depend on for reliability and consistency. Search our Military Surplus Guns stock for collectible firearms used by armed forces all around the world. . 62x39mm, 30 Rounds . The prominent "banana" curvature of the magazine is dictated by Identifying all magazines, for all AK variants, would be of such a large magnitude that it would be completely impractical to attempt. AK Rifle Receivers. Mags. 4 out of 5 stars 27. "Used Excellent" meaning finish wear on edges and in fitting parts, light streaking on the follower indicating minimal use in the past "Used, Like new" meaning as new or very close, may have rub marks or minor blemishing due to age Used Surplus Eastern Bloc AK-47 30 Round Mags. The Norinco SKS magazine well can be modified to accept AK-style magazines using a few gunsmith techniques and tools. 99 Add to Cart Clearview Investments Inc. Identifying all magazines, for all AK variants, would be of such a large magnitude that it would be completely impractical to attempt. Jun 10, 2009 · Middletown, OH –-(AmmoLand. you can find almost any magazine that you desire, we offer a wide variety of different capacities, finishes and prices that fit anyones needs. CUSTOM BOX. 0. Refer to photos for more info. Both brass ears will be intact. Used mags are all military surplus, and while they do show signs of wear from their days in service, you can't go wrong with a handful of classic all-steel AK  Surplus Russian Bakelite AK-47 7. 00. Dec 25, 2019 · So, in the mid-1950s, the Chinese invented the chest rig for their AK-47s. ). These are original Russian AK 47 slings with a '69 date stamp on them. In fact I don’t like Pmags at all and use Lancer mags. 95 to $6. 45, AK47, AKM, AK74, Tantal, Beryl, RTG Parts Mags and Pouches RTG Parts was established to provide increased customer RTG Parts LLC has been family owned and operated since its inception in 1999. That adapter used a proprietary cobray mag made for the sks. Oct 17, 2014 · No matter what you might think about surplus steel AK mags, they do have a few shortcomings. germans make the best mags followed by the russian plum and bakelites. The WASR-3 was originally supplied with surplus 5. I got three tapco ak mags. Expect to see dents, dings, rust, and wear on these magazines because they are straight off the battlefield. Surplus mags give peace of mind. Why fight with used mags when you can have a military grade quality mag. It does work in all my metal mags and it works great in the slabside Tapco mags that Primary arms sells for $10! I love a bolt hold open. And let’s see what they’re all about. Nov 07, 2011 · Surplus Ak Mags From Apex. And the follower looks different than on the other two mags. I have bought surplus GI mags before and there is a reason they are surplus, ie, they were at the end of their service life. Know your state and local laws before ordering magazines. Simple "closed" pouch with button, that providing silent opening and of course protection ag. I have a ruger gsr and like it. They took their bandoleers for stripper clips and redesigned them to include magazine pouches and other pockets for hand grenades, gun oil, war trophies or whatever. new still in plastic wrapper. com at the Tanner Gun Show AK-47/74 - Magazines For Sale Online. AK Magazines and Pouches, 7. Surplus Magazines. Price is for all 6 together. I highly recommend Hungarian AK mags. 45×39mm AK-74 magazines, which do not reliably feed the 5. East German AK magazines are known for their high quality, bright blueing, and having better and more welds on the rib. 95 Add to Cart; Bulgarian Circle 10 30 Round Magazine – 5. You can display this box on the left or right side. All are in good shape. The Armory's selection of AK-47 magazines for sale. 62x39 Universal General Pouch for 5 Cell AK 30 rd Magazine Shoulder Pouch. 62x39 - $93. Features include polymer construction with metal lip Surplus Chinese Chi-Com Military Type 56 M60 7. 62x39mm 30-Round Steel Made by KCI. The basic AK-47 mag is a steel, 30-round banana mag. Most orders ship same day. 62x39mm magazines with a capacity of 30 rounds or less, and which don’t need to be modified to work in a standard AK-47. The World has or still does use FN FAL rifles! So we found a surplus lot of FN and Israli manufacturered used military magazines. Sale Price: $105. Featured Products - AK-47 Parts & Accessories. 62×39 Magazines for AK type Rifles. even the most rusted ones still worked {after I unstuck the followers} mine were better than the ones pictured. Mags & 1 Capsule Cleaning Kit with Numrich Gun Parts - the world's largest supplier of gun parts. 00 . Surplus, Imported Original AK-47 & AKM parts in stock & ready to ship. Was the best "AK" styled rifle that I have ever shot or owned. Ammo To Go : AK-47 MAGS. The mags are surplus so expect light superficial finish wear, marks, and minor pressure marks. 62×39 AK-47 style rifle. I would a bolt gun that used AK mags for the heck of it. 95: 0 -Single AK Mags Same as above but better condition. - 4-30rd steel surplus Polish mags, a pouch, sling, buttstock cleaning kit, bayonet/scabbard and oil bottle for $100. TWO (2) USED Romanian Military Surplus AK 7. $100 REWARD for THIEF WHO STOLE 2 E. They don't actually use the ak mags as they won't fit in the receiver without other mods. It’s safe to say that these weapons are arguably the most famous firearms out there, and for good reason. i got these as two 12 packs, 24 total. com)- Surplus Romanian Steel 30rd 7. 62X39mm 30rd Magazine Black. 99 Vintage Soviet Russian three cell magazine pouch. For sale selection of Russian military grade magazines. Looking for ammo to fit your AK-47? Check out our selection of 7. APEX Gun Parts is your source for hard to find gun parts, parts kits, and accessories. secure shopping. They are NOT as solid as steel milsurp mags and won't last as long. Your AK-47 will only have the look and feel of the military original when you have these iconic curved steel magazines feeding it. In other words, AK-47 and AK-74 compatible rifles are for sale at Tombstone Tactical. The black circle ten is the top choice as it is the military manufacturer. Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. Zastava Arms AK 47’s are available again in the USA, thanks to Zastava Arms USA! Shop for your Magazine Pouch, Canvas, 4 Pkt, Holds 3-30 Rd. For sale is a very nice norinco SKS SPORTER. fast shipping. Conditions available: Used: magazine in good overall condition. e classic firearms, CTD and Aim surplus seem to carry $10-$15 surplus steel mags. mags, oil bottle and and cleaning kit(not included) pockets . 62, 5. On other mags, like Romanians, they have lots of tool marks. 16" barrel, uses standard ak mags and has the SPORTER stock Witt he steel lined mag well. 95 $ 29. AK Barrel Nut, New Hungarian. Largest Selection of AK-47 / AK-74 Magazines. mini 14, 223/556, steel pro mag ,30 round mags. 62x39mm 30-Round Reinforced Steel Lug Polymer Magazine . Welcome to Lee's Mags LLC. Built like a tank and do not damage as easily as the aluminum G3 Mags. Military Surplus, Black, 681565048104 AR15 parts and accessories. com have used personally and for many years. 45 mags are classified by different manufacturers numbers embedded on the sides. When you need products you can depend on, we are the store to use! Shop today! APEX Gun Parts is your source for hard to find gun parts, parts kits, and accessories. You’re sure to find the AK 47 magazines that you are looking for – buy today! Used Surplus AK47 Axis Pin $ 1. We search high and low to bring you the best examples we can find. Related Products AK-47 Cleaning Kit, Polish Shopping for affordable AK 47 magazines? Shop with Numrich Gun Parts and our large selection of AK 47 magazines for sale. File pics used, may vary slightly in style and condition. 00 Description These European Military 30rd Magazines are used and show wear but are in fully operational condition. And what commercial polymer mags are you referring to? Pmags don’t hold up in AKs as the feed lips will break eventually. Search below to find your closest dealer Your FFL Dealer AK 47 Rifle 75 Round Drum Magazine with Clear Back, Please click on the image for more details. however The two AK mag types that hold the highest value to shooters and collectors are: Bulgarian circle 10's and Bakelite. Used mags will show minor wear and all followers were pushed into the mags to make sure they won't stick. And so, the AK-47 chest rig was born. Each pouch fits two 30 rnd. all mags are in ok condition. 45x39 UN- used and UN-numbered. Aim Surplus has a nice kit for sale right now. Very rust resistant. 95 each if ordering 10 or more $6. 49 The Century Arms Romanian AK drum magazine is the best way to increase the capacity of your AK-47. These are used surplus mags so expect variance in condition, some wear to quite a bit of wear, scratches, chips, small cracks, names or initials carved into the body by the soldiers that fielded these mags years ago, etc. Will work with all mil-spec AK-47/AKM 7. Add to Cart Add to wish list. We specialize in military and police surplus handguns, sub-machine guns and assault rifles from modern to curio and relic items. The bulgarian mags are also top quality. November 7, 2011 I got these 4 30 round mags from Apex. 7 mags total: 3 steel bulgarian mags valued at $50 each 1 circle 10 mag valued at $40 3 tapco mags (2 tan, 1 black) valued at $25 each 1184 rounds total: 839 rounds of russion surplus corrosive valued at $150 345 rounds of silver bear non-corrosive valued at $100 This is a MILITARY SURPLUS 30-round magazine for WASR3/SAR3/AK-47 rifles in . There are two 2 1/2" canvas belt loops on the rear. The have some 20 Rd $5 each (some Colt and Adventure Line Mfg. I have heard mixed things about their reliability but unless you know where to get those special mags, I wouldn't spring for it. I have used the 7. Display use, wear, storage, etc. These are all un-used magazines. Comes with original 5 round hunting mag and three 30 round mags. 00). This limited foreign sales, and created possible internal supply issues. 20rd Cap. 62x39mm ammunition and is compatible with all AK style rifles and pistols. We stock AK 47 Magazines for your assault rifle in both steel and the new generation of polymer materials. 62x39mm Ammo. 99 $34. Magazines come in many shapes and sizes, from small short mags that hold only a few rounds, to detachable drum magazines that can hold a much higher round count. Just in, Military AK Surplus sling in very good condition. Century Arms - AK Rifles - Canik Pistols - Surplus Firearms - Surplus Accessories Enter your email address to receive special offers from Century Arms. The last time I bought surplus mags, they weren't any cheaper than the new mags and had the older followers, compressed springs, and cracked feed lips These are beautiful steel AK mags, brand new condition individually bagged in light oil These AK mags are made for 7. I may sell all the mags that don't work with these followers and buy all Tapco slabside mags. 62x39 Two cell magazine pouches with rounded flaps. One mag is a used 30 round, with some sort of flat grey finish. Your Price: $26. German Bakelite AK-74 Mags !!! On Saturday, September 21, 2019 a Thief (Jason) STOLD 2 E. Great new mag for your AK rifle. RTG Parts was established to provide increased customer access to top quality military surplus parts, magazines and accessories. com and put order # in subject line Apr 30, 2015 · The lesson I learned: The best AK mags are still the Combloc steel. We ship all orders from our warehouse in Texas. 62X39 and 223 calibers Ak47 magazines. They just aren't made Buymilsurp. Material: Polymer with steel  Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Loklode Surplus Chinese Chi-com Military Type 56 AK Magazine Bag Shoulder Pouch at the best   Military Surplus. Groups AK-47 7. You wont be disappointed. Excluding weekends and holidays At Arms of America we carry the best in AK-47 7. 95 Magpul GEN M3 PMAG 30 AK/AKM 7. MidwayUSA scours the market for the absolute best opportunities for our Customers. We stock new and surplus magazines. Shop Sportsman's Guide for great deals on Military Surplus Mag Pouches! We carry a great selection of top quality Mag Bags and Magazine Pouches to carry all your ammo at low prices, guaranteed! We have the largest firearm magazine inventory in the USA. Hi Capacity AK Mags. And since they are readily available and replaceable I'm not too worried about dropping them and banging them up while training, unlike nice bakelites or Circle 10's. Top 5 Best AK Chest Rigs These mags are of the finest grade of military surplus. Buy Now. Century Arms Romanian AK Drum Magazine 75 Round - 7. 62x39 magazines (30-Round capacity) offered in this product SKU can be from any producing country, including Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, etc. 223 Remington AK magazines are fully functional and may display blemishes or scratches. Surplus Import Magazines. 00 Used and Surplus Items available at Ninja Shot. Korean 40rd AK-47 7. 62X39 variants. Here is a surplus mag pouch with three AK magazines and cleaning kit. Image 1. Now with that said the bulgarian types like the 5. PARTS & Russian AK Magazine Pouch 3-cell. Not sure what the country of origin is but they are all Com Bloc. HOME; GUNS FOR SALE. (Apparently these are Chinese mags that have been imported from Europe, if that isn't confusing enough Your source for military surplus. This all metal mag has a very slick follower and high quality spring for flawless function. We've tested them in our FN's and they function well. As such, this effort is limited to 7. Surplus Steel AK Mags- $8. 4. ) dont have the kind of steel reinforcement that the surplus mags do. We are rating these 7-8/10 as there are some storage marks and the paint is dulling on some. 00 (25%). Unissued to Very Good Surplus Condition. AK47 30rd Steel Magazine, Military Surplus, East German, Polish, AKK-1022, RTG Two looked brand new one lookes like it had been used for a few months   Soviet Surplus. Forgot that I do own some Yugo mags too. German, Pre-Ban. info@aimsurplus. Get your magazine here today! In 14 years of business I have never had nicer surplus AK mags to offer my clients. These mags are not new but are military surplus. DK Firearms currently carries Surplus mags from Czech Republic and Zastava. Surplus steel ribbed style back AK-47 30-Round Magazines 7. Legion USA stocks, imports and sells Russian made parts and accessories for AK type rifles and shotguns. I will have another one of these days. Select from a variety of stocks, mags & drums, scope mounts, muzzle brakes, flash hiders, sights, tools, and more. They feature strong steel construction and are tough and rugged enough to handle almost any maneuver you and your AK might go through. US mags give compliance parts. We specialize in all military surplus weapons from AK-47s, AR-15s, Mausers, CETME, Enfields, UZIs, and much more! We set ourselves apart by supplying unique parts at a good value and standing by our products by offering outstanding customer service. This David's Collectibles item has the features of the German AK mags at a much better price A classic 3-cell magazine pouch for most types of 30-round AK mags. Black finish, semi-texture feel, pre-ban. 45x39 "VEPR" hunting rifle but capable of being used in other 5. 62x39 30rd magazine, blued steel, g-vg used. Surplus Corner Magazines Sort By title="Sort By"> Recently Added Name Price Set Descending Direction You can find AK47 magazines, AR15 magazines, and mags for just most modern military style rifles. CALL: 1-888-462-GUNS FAX: 1-888-265-3713 STORE HOURS: M-F 8am-5pm Email FFL copy to FFL@preppergunshop. $5. Circle 10 AK Tabuk Flash Hider – 14mm $ 49. Sportsman's Guide has your Used 30-round Egyptian Military Surplus AK-47 Mag available at a great price in our Rifle Mags collection → Soviet Surplus. Only at Gunmagwarehouse. AR15 parts and accessories. Larger / More Photos. although you can get decades of service from these mags, it pays to keep an eye on a few spots and take AK-47 Mags & Drums (67 Products) Filter By . Versailles, KY 40383 859 873-9877 info@clearviewinvest. I would definitely buy PMags, or new aluminum mags. This is a CMS Box edited from admin panel. 62x39 yet, just my SAR-2 in 5. Original East German Manufactured. Results 1 - 18 of 18 Shop quality Drum Magazines or Tactical Style Magazines in 30 to 75 Rounds and always at a SGM Tactical, Steel AK-47 Magazine, 7. These are Mil Surplus bayonets, so they will have an etched serial number and may have some minor scuff marks, Orange Bakelite (AG-4). In the market for AK-47 magazines? Look no further than Cheaper Than Dirt! We carry the top brands at low prices, in stock and ready to ship! AK-47 Mags & Drums - AK-47 mags are available in steel and polymer. We carry proven AR-15 mag designs, most we've here at Surplusammo. Original E. While the M64 corrected the AKs often criticized lack of a BHO feature; it also created a greater problem in that normal AK mags could not be used in it. Add to Compare . This drum mag holds 75 rounds of 7. This type of pouch was widely used by SOG ( special force ) or CIDG Loklode Chinese Military Surplus AK47 Chest Pouch Rig Ammo Mag Bandolier Type 56. Refine Search AKSU AK-74 IZHMASH made bolt 5. Tombstone Tactical understands no firearm is complete without the right magazine. Add to Wish List. This pouches created by Techincom or Zuratkul for Russian Army, as simple and cheap pouch for AK/AKM 30 round mags. I wanted to grab one of those KVAR rifles but don't have the cash in the gun budget right now. AK 47 Gun Parts & Accessories Used Surplus M1 Garand Cardboard Inserts for 8 rd EN-BLOC clips AK-47 AK-74 AKM Pistol Grip AK47 AK74 Pistol grip These are Within Surplus Military Gear you can currently find some of the following products: military surplus sks ak web sling, used. Used Surplus AR15 M16 5. (89). Order at your own risk! AR500 Armor - Level III 10" x 12" Trauma Plates starting at $65. All my Hungarian AK mags are well made down to the fit and finish. This is the best chance to get a high quality addition to your collection. ) and lots or 30 Rd $7 each (mostly Adventure Line Mfg. (A) (BIN934) **** FREE SHIPPING ON ADDITIONAL ITEMS! AK-47 Magazines. Used condition While supplies last. They have plastic followers and the steel is not as thick as traditional surplus. 00 Hello. I have a number of them. I also have SAR 3 mags Military surplus finds its way to the civilian market in all kinds of ways. Description. It features an extremely Bulgarian Mil Surplus Bakelite Bayonets. Hungarian country of origin. Crafted in East Germany from durable steel with reinforced feed lips, these military surplus . Possibly a dry film lube, but not sure. A really high capacity mag that works well and a great price! Croatian, AK 47 Magazines Fiasco! to my surplus mags that work flawlwssly, I fired up the Dremel and was able to pattern the locking tabs to match the surplus Used AK-47 For Sale at GunAuction. 72") long and 35 mm (1. View list of retailers. 95 each if ordering 1-9 mags $7. most only needed some oil. German magazine pouch for the AK-47. Very nice blueing. Bought one for myself. SKU: MAK47CRO30. The pouch is canvas and leather, and in good shape. made in Croatia, 30 round, steel. Available for sale Zenitco, Lynx, Molot, Izhmash, Tula In very good condition, these surplus magazines are perfect for CETME, PTR91, C308, G3, etc. We proudly offer a varied selection of AK-47 and AK-74 magazines, banana clips and drums, ensuring you have everything you need to get the most out of your Kalashnikov style weapon. 89 As  Croatian Steel AK47 Magazines 30rd 7. 45x39mm $ 49. Instantly familiar to most observers, they are made of sturdy metal components with a ribbed design that aids magazine changes. Manufactured to the military specifications of their country of origin, these magazines were designed for durability and years of reliable service in demanding environments. , military surplus ak-47 blank firing muzzle gas restrictor, used. 6 Used AK-47, 7. 223 Rem/5. Follow Us; Surplus AK Parts. 62x39 30RD BAKELITE MAGAZINE - Mix of TULA and Izzy - Condition is   717 Items Find AK 47 magazines for sale at GunBroker. 30 rounds. The mildly used, assorted 7. I don't even have a AK in 7. Specifications: (1)Material:Made of heavy and sturdy cotton canvas. WASR-3 AK Magazine, 10rd Single Stack Steel, 5. As far as korean mags go the only good ones are North Korean. 00 Chinese AK Stripper Clip Guide Shop our selection of . Description: Built for the export-model 5. Two (2) Used Romanian Military Surplus AK 7. No real need just a want. The Sar-3 is known to work with Galil mags (Tapco and surplus), Bulgarian Circle-10 mags, Polish Beryl mags, German Wieger mags, Promag AK223 mags, and possibly Yugo M85/M90 5. Find every AK-47 mag & drum you will ever need at The Country Shed. 223 Remington. 223 cartridge. Not too shabby. , military surplus m1 garand bandoleer with six pockets, for m1 garand or carbine or 1903. Each batch of military surplus magazines is examined prior to listing, with their condition explained in each listing. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Loklode Surplus Chinese Chi-com Military Type 56 AK Magazine Bag Shoulder Pouch at the best online prices at eBay! Trebor wrote:Looks like I'm going to have to buy 10 to go with the 15 or so mixed AK mags I already have. 45x39 caliber AK rifles and carbines, this magazine is largely similar in design and construction to the 45-round ribbed plum and black RPK-74 magazines described elsewhere in this Guide. 99 (You save $8. , military surplus mosin nagant ammo pouch, double pocket. GunBot does not endorse any of the retailers or products listed. 45. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. 62x39 Two Cell Pouch w/2 Oil Bottles - $30. used. Choose Your FFL. From classic AR-15 and AK-47 surplus magazines to more obscure platforms like the Bren . Considering Korean AK mags are all over the place now, and pretty much all regarded to be complete garbage, how can you really tell the difference between Eastern Block mags, Chinese mags (not the smooth-backs), and Korean mags? With the exception of the smooth-back Chinese mags, they practically all look identical to the untrained eye. All could be used as is if needed. Originally designed in the 50s, these still see use in some of the more backward holes of the world, like Liberia, Kosovo, Iraq and our very own Finland. Used Russian AK   Results 1 - 16 of 105 Mag AK47/AKM/Mpi 7,62x39mm steel, 40 rounds Unissued in for it to be used in M4/M16, AK and G36 style Airsoft AEGs, one magazine,  Results 1 - 60 of 214 AK47 magazine, 60 rds, made in Europe, complete new on market. That means no third parties and no delays. Perret's Army Surplus on Williams Blvd. All are functional. 40 Round AK Magazine AK-47 40rd Mag 7. 62x39 AK-47 rifles, with BHO follower that holds the bolt open after the last shot. They’re also easier to pull out of a chest rig than the waffle-sided variety. A great all around heavy duty sling made for hard use. Sort by Popularity European 30 Round AK47 7. Don’t believe everything you read on the net. These clips are in good condition and may have light surface rust. After over 70 years, the AK-47 remains one of the most popular, most widely-used assault rifles on the planet, thanks to its incomparable reliability and rock-solid performance. AK 47 Magazines If you own one of the most widely used rifles in the world, we have magazines for you. Our military surplus firearms are from almost every major arms producing country in the world, from Israel and the US to the former USSR, Brazil, Europe and China. Save $5. Made from a high quality rubber resin. Sale $19. This is a great shipment of rare Original Russian Bakelite mags. Accessories PPSH National surplus is an american company that sells high quality magazines that are built to match factory specification for the perfect fit on your rifles and pistols. These mags are commonly referred to as the "Maritime" mag. The great thing about AK mags, because the demand is so high, they now make them new in the U. While prices have risen through the years, used surplus and unissued condition magazines still are available at a reasonable price. , kci ak-47 7. These should require only a good cleaning / degreasing. They were a bit too tight at first but they wore their way in. 62x39 round to harvest my last 2 blacktails. 62x39 Steel 30rd Mag $21. Prepper Gun Shop is your one-stop shop to prep for the apocalypse! Just get one. Up to date security software. From the original military STANAG (aluminum alloy mags) like D&H and Colt to the new industry standard Magpul PMAG's in many generations, designs and (remaining) colors. Ive ordered some surplus mags from czechpoint-usa and centerfire systems before and most looked brand new, with only a few scratches in finish. 62x39 Steel  AK-47 40rd Magazine. Remember Me? What's New? Forum; FAQ; Calendar; Community. 62x39 Good working condition, fair finish, may have dents. Yes they come at a premium price at 45 bucks a pop. These are 308 caliber mags for the Metric recievers. Green. You can nearly play hockey with a steel AK mag without worry. There may be one or two very small indent, all storage related. used surplus ak mags